Products by Ekasth

Hand Crafted products for your home and offices that help you understand our expressions and help us tell our story. India, so rich in its diversities, is also rich in techniques of hand. From always, we have valued hand crafted products so much, products that are made with care, made with stories and experiences of the artisan.

It is said, that every hand made product is different from the others in its batch, and we agree to that. Everytime an artisan sits down to make something, he starts with a new mindset. His mood, his behaviours and his surroundings make a change in the way the product comes out. In that sense, the artisan is not only making something unique everytime, but also enriching it with unsaid the stories of his home, his life and his past. In this time where machines have taken over almost all our production methods, we are trying to slow down to understand the skilful processes of how something is made from scratch. How something is made slow and how we can add value to our homes by filling it with stories of lands far away. We are trying to find our expression in their techniques. in that sense, we are collaborating everyday.