SG’S GreenOtel, Lonavala

WHO did we design for?

SG’S GreenOtel, Lonavala is an eco-conscious 3-star hotel situated in the hills of Lonavala. This property is the perfect destination for families and friends looking for a weekend getaway. The hotel poses features such as rooms designed for the convenience of differently-abled and left-handed people, creating for it a strong and conscious foundation. With practices such as using minimal plastic in the upkeep of the hotel and rainwater harvesting, this place is a guilt-free holiday spot for all.

WHAT did we design for them?

The vibe of the hotel’s rooms and restaurant is elegant and modern. They wanted us to make for them something small that was a product of utility and also could be used in their branding. We customized our taarkashi wooden coasters for them with their logo at the back. Instead of inlaying wire, we used a brass sheet this time to highlight their logo. The coasters are made by hand with all-natural materials, giving it it’s unique look and texture. They have a depression in the front where the glasses could fit and the hotel’s logo at the back.

Check the property out at:

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