The Mohunta residence

WHO we designed for?

The Mohuntas is a modern family of 6 who resides in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Their home is a beautiful abode of love and laughter. An ideal evening is when friends are over and everybody is discussing politics and pulling each other’s legs with some drinks and snacks. We had customized some products for them, which gave them the confidence of us handling the design of their house We did this project in collaboration with a dear friend, Rajat Khurana. 

WHAT we did?

It is a 3BHK apartment on the 4th floor of the building, well lit and ventilated are just the beginning of its best qualities. The family was shifting from their old home nearby and wanted to carry along some of their old furniture so the new home too carried the same vibe as the old one, warm and welcoming. Like any other Indian family, they too had a lot of small nick-nacks collected over years, ones that they were deeply connected with and hence required a lot of storage space. The house had to be designed keeping in mind the varied interests of all the 6 family members, different rooms, led out different vibes. 

The house has a very subtle look, playing with browns and whites, highlighted with warm white lighting. Considering that a lot of storage spaces were being created, we wanted to keep the look of these simple and minimalistic. Everybody in the family ran busy schedules and so we designed these cabinets in a way that they served designated purposes so access to stuff becomes easier. There were some challenges wen we were curating these pieces in the house, the grandfather moves on a wheelchair and so the house had to have access to wheelchair everywhere. Considering the number of guests they host, the house also had to be spacious and airy. So we decided to use walls as support, and stuck everything around them so the centre areas are freer and all the cabinets stay accessable 

We made sure to look over at the smaller details int house, for example, the mandir was made at a seating height so that grandma wouldn’t get tired during the morning worship. Or the way some areas have more lights to highlight certain aspects much like the open kitchen window. We also wanted to add elements that kept the house looking full of details much like hand carved knobs and handles and colonial window panes. 

Our favourite area of the house was their photo wall which unlike most houses was near the rooms and accessible by the residents rather than in the living room for everyone to see. With focus lights and the dark wood details, this wall became not only a walk down the memory lane for all but also a cozy corner filled with positivity.