WHO did we design for?

Femora is an Indian brand that delivers to you eco-conscious kitchen storage solutions. Started by a young ambitious man, Manushree Khandelwal, this label is now amongst the very few Indian brands that sell borosilicate glassware and provide innovation kitchen solutions.

WHY did we design this product?

Where do we keep the ladles in use while cooking with them? Often on plates or bowls or sometimes even on lids that cover our food. This results in dirty plates and messy platforms. We wanted to bring with Femora a designated stand to hold the ladles in use that would not only be convenient to keep the ladle but would also keep the kitchen neat and long-lasting.

WHAT did we design for them?

We redesigned the existing ladle stands to make it ergonomically strong so you could use it to hold your spoons while cooking with them mess-free. The stand has 2 flat bowls at the base where the head of the spoon rests and 2 curved holders on top where the neck of your spoon takes support. The bowls are removable, so you can wash them with ease after use. The entire stand is made with stainless steel that makes it sturdy and easy to clean.

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