Customised Home decor

WHO did we design for?

The Mohuntas is a modern family of 6 who resides in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Their home is a beautiful abode of love and laughter. An ideal evening is when friends are over and everybody is discussing politics and pulling each other’s legs with some drinks and snacks. Their daughter, Kopal, wanted us to design custom gifts for her parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.

WHAT did they want?

For her dad, she wanted to get a bar cabinet that could fit his large collection of alcohol. The following were her requirements:

  1. Large storage room. With many sections to store all bottles differently.
  2. A large platform to prepare drinks.
  3. A cabinet that can be used to keep decorative items when not in use.
  4. Simple, modern and compact design.

WHAT did we design for them?

Uncle’s bar cabinet is handmade in mango wood. The look and construction are simple and modern with minimal ornamental details. Keeping in consideration the requirements, the following are the features we made sure the cabinet had.

  1. A large tray that slides out from top to increase the area to prepare drinks and keep snacks.
  2. Sections for keeping different bottles. These are divided by slide-out platters that one can use to keep their snacks at the party.
  3. Below this is a cabinet with sliding wooden doors to save space. Considering that they keep many varied kinds of alcohol, this space is needed to accommodate all bottle shapes and sizes.
  4. Lastly, there are 3 drawers at the bottom to store all the bar accessories
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