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What We Do

Design Consultancy

Your face, Your style, Your requirements, Our design skills, for your business.…


"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind, than the one…


Products for you, according to your needs and taste. We believe that…

Commissioned Artworks

Artworks and installations for your space. One of the reasons why we…

Products by Ekasth

Hand Crafted products for your home and offices that help you understand…


Verma Ji

Meet Veerma Ji, one of the artisans who have been associated with us from the very beginning. Full of energy and optimism, no trip to his workshop, has ever been disappointing. Why you ask? Well […]

COVID-19 and Ekasth’s response.

I have always believed that in order to achieve one’s full potential efficiency, one needs to maintain distance between their work and their home. Mentally and physically. The COVID-19 outbreak challenged my understanding. As soon […]

Parvez Bhai

Parvez bhai is an aari embroidery artisan, he has been practicing this craft ever since he was a little child. In our many conversations, he told us how 25 years back when he was just a little kid, he used to sit with his uncle, the master artisan…

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